When you go to buy a house, have you ever wanted to talk with the homeowner? Have you ever wanted to buy a house form the owner directly? At Match Property DirectTM we feel that it makes the transaction easier to connect buyer and seller directly through email (a “Houses for Sale by Owner” system!). When you develop a connection with the seller and get to know each other a little, you are more likely to have a comfort level dealing with each other in a transaction. Once you have developed a relationship you’ll hear first hand about the property and about the area.

Buy Your House From the Owner Directly! Buyers Search for FREE and Sellers pay a small fee.

When looking for homes For Sale by Owner no one will know more about the home than the owner.

Match Property DirectTM makes it easy to start the conversation. By going Direct! You make your own deal! You are in charge! Give Match Property DirectTM a try and take the confusion out of your purchase! For some this will be the biggest purchase of your life!

Buyer emails seller, if they want to talk on the phone? Great! Make plans to look at the property? Fantastic! The Seller or Buyer contacts a local attorney to do the paperwork. You work out the details. No middleman!

Earn an Amazon Gift Card

When will I see a property in my neighborhood for sale on Match Property DirectTM?  Great question, please tell your friends and family that want to sell their property to subscribe to Match Property DirectTM for a small fee $59/1 Month, $159/6 Months and $259 for one year. If you refer ten verifiable subscribing sellers then you will receive a $100 dollar Amazon gift card to be redeemed after each seller is verified.

Good luck and enjoy the process!


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