Why a Personal Local Real Estate Attorney ?

Because you are going direct! Buyer and seller need proper representation. Real estate has many legal steps that your personal paid real estate attorney will need to handle for you. Match Property Direct, LLC is only a connecting site. All legal duties state, federal and country laws are handled by your personal paid local attorney. We are not representing either buyer or seller in any negotiations or transactions.

Advantages of You Paying your Attorney  ?

You the subscriber (buyer or seller) pay your respective attorneys for your closing matters. Subscribers have the benefit and comfort of knowing their best interests are represented by their personal attorney.

Who Pays for the Attorney ?

Buyer pays for buyers attorney and seller pays for sellers attorney.

Who Benefits ?

Both buyer and seller benefit because they are paying for legal services where they are in charge.

Why is this a Good Idea ?

No Middleman  No Commission  Houses for Sale by Owner

You Connect – Sell Direct – You are in Charge!