Pine Grove Plantation is home to the Boykin spaniel which is the South Carolina state dog. The breed was born at Pine Grove and was the historic home of the Boykin family. All the interiors were designed by a published interior designer, who happens to be the owner of the property. The main plantation house […]

10000 sq ft 4 beds 3 baths

Thank you for your inquiry of my beautiful property “Bird Whistle”. I met my husband in 1980 in New York and we made Southampton our getaway. We fell in love in Southampton and we got married in Southampton. It has always been a very special place for me. Eventually as things go I moved back […]

2800 sq ft 4 beds 2.5 baths

Private Island on Georgian Bay Bigwood, CA. This amazing island is priced at 4.2 Million Canadian dollars. Sitting on 36 acres which includes a beautifully restored 2,900 square foot main lodge and four cottages that dot the island and have been decorated by Gary Matheson, Matheson – Wilson. Each one features different amenities, including one […]

2900 sq ft 9 beds 5 baths